Design for Recycling

We undrestand the designing for recycling as one of the most important estrategies of the ecodesign concept. This estrategie uses several tools for studing and analising the enviornmental impact of each garment during it’s own life circle. In this way, if during the creation of a garment we have take care about the recyclability of it’s components, we will be able to prevent the generation of new textile waste.

Moethika works developing in each one of its collections the Design for Recycling concept. This is to investigate new processes and new skills in order that the pieces fulfil some specific requirements. To work the design for recycling it’s necessary to take into account key aspects during the process of design, and not as only the fact to think in the garment disassembling process.

Some of the requirements that have to fulfil the garments of this line of development, are:

– 100% monomaterial; to make easier the recycling fibre process.
– 100% organic; all our raw material  is 100% organic and certified.
– Designed to repair; use the minimum findings possible, and if it’s possible,  choose the easier option for the disassemble process.
– Multifuncionality; Create pieces that can dress in a lot of ways.
– Designed to last; the quality of the raw materials that we choose is the key for the durability.
– Cradle to cradle; we use raw materials that close up the loop, they can become again, raw recycled materials.

With all these concepts and requirements Möethika works one of his lines of design to achieve collections  and offer sustainable garments in high quality, with a long life.